Tracy Grimshaw
(considerably 'larger' now than below
as we saw in  the Paul Hogan interview))

Useful links:

Gordon Ramsay saying the truth about Tracy

Where was Tracy when the floods hit (not her cup of tea??)

Some home truths about Trace

Tracy is not gay (her girlfriend told us!) Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Tracy needs an upper lip wax....eooooooh

and Media Watch...oooh this is gotta hurt.....
here and here (this really shows her stupid ignorance) and here (really abusive of due process) and here

Welcome to Tracy Grimshaw dot com where over the next few years we will keep
a nice tally on the cockups, mistakes, bias stories, incompetent journalism
(if we can use that word lightly) and all manner of ridiculous behaviour
that this woman is allowed to pass off as news worthy.

I guess its all about the money eh Trace? $200K per year and how much to charity or to poor people...??
Nothing. As she says "They can all go to hell.... what did they ever do for me?"

A political person of some note told us recently "We love Tracy interviewing us since she asks
no hard questions and is always fluffy and meaningless in her comments. She also understands
that we need the interview padded out so that we can get off as soon as the small allocated
time runs out.... we love her. We can say whatever we like and she wont stop us."

You will find Media Watch links, newspaper links about flagging ratings,
reluctant apologies (like the apology for Ray Martin for simply being alive!!),
and all kinds of things the the toothless ACMA refuses to correct.

Aaaah yes, A Current Affair....6 minutes of commercials and 24 minutes of bullshit.

9 May 2011